Documents you will need to gather for your Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks divorce attorney

Documents you will need to gather for your Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks divorce attorney

Your Westlake Village or Thousand Oaks divorce attorney will need to understand the financial situation of your family to effectively represent you in your divorce. In addition, both you and your spouse are required by California law to comply with comprehensive financial disclosure rules. California law requires each party to a divorce to make a complete and full disclosure of all known assets and debts. Your failure to provide accurate and complete disclosure can lead to serious penalties such as fines, awards of attorney’s fees to your spouse’s lawyer, or an award of an asset you wanted to keep to your spouse.
Below is a preliminary checklist of documents that you will need to provide to your lawyer to comply with these rules. Additional documents may necessary depending on your circumstances.

Since it may take some time to gather these documents, you may want to start as soon as you can.

Checklist of documents

Residence and other real estate
___Real estate documents for each property (closing package from purchase/refis)
___Last month’s mortgage statement
___Mortgage release if unencumbered

___Vehicle titles
___Most recent auto loan statements
___Receipts/estimates for auto repairs and/or maintenance

Business interests
___All documents relating to any business interests (tax returns, financial statements, etc.)

Personal property
___Any appraisals for antiques, jewelry, art, collectables
___Certificates of authenticity

___Last two pay stubs
___Last 3 state and federal tax returns

Household and family expenses
___Last month’s utility bills (phone, gas & electric, trash, etc.)
___Receipts for household repairs or replacements
___Estimates for anticipated repairs
___Medical/dental bills or quotes for expected expenses
___Bills/receipts for children’s tuition, school fees, books

Bank statements
Most recent statement for
___Checking account
___Savings account
___Money market account
___Credit card
___Home equity or other credit lines

___ Certificates of deposit

Investment and retirement account statements
Most recent statement for:
___Stock, bond, and/or investment accounts
___Life insurance policies statement showing death benefit and cash value
___Retirement accounts, pension plans, IRAs. 401K plans

___Papers for any lawsuit against your or your spouse


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